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Merville Black Creek is a community on the eastern side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It is approximately 16 km north of Courtenay. It is primarily an agricultural hamlet and bedroom community to Courtenay and Campbell River – approximately 20 km to the north. In the 1890’s, much of the Comox Valley was the site of extensive logging operations, leaving the area around what was to become Merville open for the establishment of farming. Seeking sites to grant homesteads to soldiers returning from the battlefields of France after World War I, the government opened the area to settlement with land grants to war veterans. Named by ex-soldiers after the location in France where Canadians set up their field headquarters during World War I, Merville/Black Creek soon became a centre of local agriculture. During the early 1900s, Black Creek was the site for several logging camps. The land which had once boasted some of the largest Douglas firs in the world was now a community of dairy and fruit-growing farms. Even today, there are still many small but beautiful gardens and farms lining the Old Island Highway.

Merville/Black Creek Real Estate Listings and Homes for Sale